Day 2 -

June 6th

Track 2 (Waterlink Atrium)

10:00 - 10:45

Scala 3 Compiler Academy Journey

Open Source is all about collaboration. In the Scala world, we have a lot of eager talent hungry to learn together. The best way to learn to program is by doing. On the other hand, the core Scala projects have an ample supply of maintenance tasks – bug fixing, minor feature implementation, and documentation. To match the demand with the supply, in the Summer of 2021, I initiated the project Scala 3 Compiler Academy. Organized by the Scala Center, the Academy aimed to provide an avenue for Scala engineers to start contributing to the Scala Compiler. The Academy was implemented online pair programming sessions and a YouTube channel where one could learn more about the compiler.

Now, two years later, with the format fleshed out and the lessons learnt, I’d like to share our journey with you. After attending my talk, you’ll learn how the format works, and how to start a similar Spree for your own project as well!

Anatolii Kmetiuk

Scala Center

Lawyer turned Scala Engineer for the past 9 years. Started as a Scala and Machine Learning freelancer for 5 years followed by another 4 years at EPFL at the Scala 3 core team in the roles of compiler engineer and community manager.


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