Day 2 -

June 6th

Track 1 (Olympic Room)

14:15 - 15:00

Magnum: A "New Look" for Scala 3 Database Clients

Magnum is a new database client utilizing the full power of Scala 3.

Its key innovation is combining macros and structural types to provide a typesafe, IDE-refactorable SQL interface, which can express all SQL expressions, on all JDBC-supported databases.

Database clients on the JVM fall into three categories.

  1. Object Oriented Repositories (Spring-Data, Hibernate)
  2. Functional DSLs (JOOQ, Slick, quill, zio-sql)
  3. SQL String interpolators (Anorm, doobie, plain jdbc)

This talk will highlight the pros and cons of each approach, and introduce Magnum, a new Scala 3 library combining aspects of all three. Both simple and advanced SQL queries will be compared, with an an emphasis on maintainability, ease of use, and performance.

August Nagro


August H Nagro is an Engineer at Axoni, where he develops financial infrastructure for Equity markets.

He’s written Scala since 2015 and loves Scala 3’s type level programming and new syntax.

Some open source history includes:


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