Day 1 -

June 5th

Elliot Room

17:00 - 18:00

State of Scala

Compatibility between Scala 2 and Scala 3, AKKA license change, migration pains, Spark migration, state of tooling - these are some of topics Scala developers face on a daily basis. How does Scala org approach these challenges? How do we ensure progress is made each and every day to improve developer experience?

In this talk we will bring you behind-the-scenes of what it takes to coordinate Scala continued maintenance and development and showcase what progress has already taken place two years since Scala 3 release. We hope to inspire you to join forces to make Scala even better!

We also invite you to join the Closing panel discussion, where we will have a full hour to answer all your questions regarding the state of Scala.

Paweł Marks


Paweł is involved in shaping the future of Scala 3 as a member of the Scala Improvement Process Committee and as a leader of the compiler team at VirtusLab in Krakow, Poland.

Having been involved as a developer and architect in JVM tooling for many years, in 2020, he returned to Scala - his favorite language from college - and became part of the compiler team shortly after. He is now mainly responsible for the Scala release cycle and helping other compiler developers.


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