Day 2 -

June 6th

Track 1 (Olympic Room)

16:30 - 17:15

How to Get Started with Scala?

Want to teach someone Scala or recommend it to your co-workers? Let’s talk what are the easiest ways of starting with Scala and how it has improved over the years. Do you have anything to complain about? That’s also a perfect spot to voice your opinion.

Scala is known for having a complex tooling and difficult getting started experience, however it has been a focus over the past few year from a number of different contributors to improve it. I will go over some trends and developments that make Scala tooling much better and an easy starting language for everyone. Let’s talk about particular features and improvements, but also discuss any potential issue that might still plague our bellowed ecosystem.

I would love to try and make this talk more interactive than usual presentations to gather some feedback from both beginners and more senior developers, that might have been able to teach some new developers within their companies or universities. I will most likely focus on Metals and ScalaCLI as the prime examples of what we intend to achieve.

Tomasz Godzik


Tomasz has worked with multiple programming language tools through the years trying to provide a pleasant environment for other developers to interact with. Team lead of ScalaCLI and Metals teams at VirtusLab.


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