Day 3 -

June 7th

Track 2 (Waterlink Atrium)

10:15 - 11:00

Complex Problems, Simple (build)tool

Scala CLI was built to provide maximum flexibility without needless complexity impacting productivity. Could we scale this approach to the majority of commercial Scala projects?

Learn how less can be more in the land of Scala tooling.

Scala is widely known for its complex and slow tooling, which makes build tools even more of a hot topic. The most popular ones are SBT, Maven, Gradle, and Bazel. They are powerful but often too complex for the tasks at hand.

Krzysztof will explore both the functional and nonfunctional requirements to make a build tool suitable for commercial projects. In addition, he will discuss the question of Turing-complete configuration for build tools, extendability and more. With those requirements at hand, the next logical step will be to find a way to build a tool that satisfies them all.

Krzysztof Romanowski


Krzysztof is Head of Scala @ VirtusLab where he manages open-source and commercial projects around Scala. Krzysztof has been using Scala for over 11 years, and for over 8, is building developer tooling, often targeting Scala developers.

Outside of tech, his biggest passions are home automation and long-distance cycling.


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