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Room 2 - Foundations

Wednesday June 12th, 11:30-12:15

Multiplatform Scala: from websites to machine learning

About this Session

Scala can be used for everything: interactive websites, high-performance systems, robotics, and machine learning. This is possible through technologies like Scala.js, Scala Native, and ScalaPy, which enable Scala code to interop with more languages and platforms. In this talk, we'll see the latest developments in these projects, such as running Scala on WebAssembly and using TensorFlow, and explore the patterns that make it easy to write multiplatform Scala code without sacrificing runtime performance, typesafety, or developer productivity.

Required Knowledge

Intermediate Scala knowledge, with some familiarity with Scala.js / Scala Native.


Shadaj Laddad

Shadaj loves exploring the boundaries of programming, especially with Scala. He hosts many open-source libraries and projects on GitHub, and has a channel on YouTube. He has presented at many conferences, including a keynote at OSCON 2014 and Scala Days (2012-2018). Currently a student at UC Berkeley, he has interned at many companies working with technologies such as GraphQL, React.js, and Scala.js to develop open-source libraries and educational platforms.