Day 2 -

Sept 13th

Stage 3 (Plato 3)

12:15 - 13:00

Choose your own Scala Center Roadmap

In this interactive talk, you will vote on which burning issues you want us to speak about next. Bringing speakers from the whole Scala Center team, we will discuss projects that we are actively working on within tooling, core language, education, community, and building a sustainable future for Scala.

We are excited to bring you on this journey and build upon the six year legacy of the Scala Center’s continuous work to make a smoother developer experience, lower the learning barrier for newcomers and coordinate the community’s efforts to build an outstanding and resilient Scala ecosystem.

Darja Jovanovic

EPFL, Scala Center

The Scala Center executive director, who is recognizable mostly for leading SIP 2 and forming SIP 3, coordinating Scala 3 release, creating purposeful community events, and ensuring wide support for Scala Center’s mission “For open source. For education.” In short, Darja is a Scala community enthusiast who’s committed to getting things done!


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