Day 2 -

Sept 13th

Stage 3 (Plato 3)

17:45 - 18:30

Saving Christmas Using Scala

Christmas is at stake! The Elves have run into problems (again!) and it is your job to help them and save Christmas. How? By using your Scala programming skills! I’ll explain why Scala is a good fit and give you competing advantage when participating in the Advent of Code.

By discussing my solutions for several problems from Advent of Code 2022 I will touch on the following subjects:

  • Introduction of Advent of Code
  • Why Advent of Code is good for learning Scala
  • Parsing problem input files
  • Scala collections library
  • Why Scala is a good fit for solving Advent of Code puzzles
  • Functional vs. imperative style
  • Mutable vs. immutable data structures
  • Common pitfalls

Jan-Pieter van den Heuvel

Piozum / DHL Parcel

When he was 15 years old Jan-Pieter started his own software company. Eager to learn more, after high school he started with the Computing Science track at Utrecht University in the Netherlands.

Jan-Pieter earned a Master’s degree in Applied Computing Science with his thesis on improving the scheduling at a public transport company. After that he worked for several start-ups and large corporations as a full-stack developer.

Currently Jan-Pieter works as a Freelance Lead Machine Learning Engineer at DHL Parcel in the Netherlands where he turns ideas into successful applications of Machine Learning.


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