Day 3 -

Sept 14th

Stage 2 (Demo 3)

10:15 - 11:00

Resource Management Made Easy: Introducing Resource from cats-effect Library

This presentation addresses the common issue of forgetting to close resources such as files or HTTP clients, and the resulting challenges when faced with exceptions or interruptions during processing.

I will present Resource, a solution from the cats-effect library that provides an elegant way to address this problem. We will go through various use cases demonstrating its key characteristics including error handling and composing multiple Resources together. Attendees will also learn about unconventional use cases, such as consuming elements from a queue and transforming Resources to a Stream.

Julien Truffaut

I am a backend engineer with more than 10 years of experience from start-ups to tech giants like Amazon.

I love teaching the practical side of functional programming in Scala. I created my own online course at FP-Tower which is used by many companies to train junior and mid-level Scala developers.

I am also the author of the popular open-source library Monocle, an optics library that helps functional Scala developers easily traverse, transform, and access deeply nested data structures.


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