Day 2 -

Sept 13th

Stage 1 (Rolling)

10:15 - 11:00

Lessons from Teaching Scala to 80,000 People

I’ve been teaching Scala for 8+ years, to developers all around the world and in live trainings at the top companies in the industry. I will share my lessons on teaching and learning Scala, on learning barriers and productivity, and how we can make Scala a more exciting and lasting thing to learn.

In this talk, I will share my experience learning and teaching Scala to more than 80,000 people all over the world and in live training sessions at some of the most renowned companies in the world (Adobe, Apple, Microsoft and others). We will cover

  • Effective learning (and teaching)
  • What gets people most excited as they learn Scala
  • Learning barriers, frustrations and how to overcome them
  • Mentoring juniors at work
  • Scalable learning
  • A deconstructed approach to learning Scala well
  • Fast ramp-up from zero to full productivity in Scala
  • How we can make Scala a more exciting language to learn

Daniel Ciocirlan

Rock the JVM

I am the founder of Rock the JVM, a learning platform for everything in the Scala ecosystem, which now contains more than 20 course and 250+ hours of video material on Scala, functional programming, all major Scala libraries, as well as comprehensive courses on Apache Spark and Apache Flink.

I’ve taught more than 80000 developers so far, and trained high-performing teams at some of the most renowned companies in the world (e.g. Adobe, Apple, Microsoft, ING and others).

I’ve also taught more than 30000 kids to code (not Scala… yet).

I have a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and I wrote my Bachelor and Master theses on Quantum Computation. Before starting to learn programming, I won medals at international Physics competitions.


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