Day 2 -

Sept 13th

Stage 2 (Demo 3)

10:15 - 11:00

Full Stack Scala Web Application

In this talk, we will write a simple full-stack Scala web application. Not only would you have statically typed API communication between your backend server and your HTML frontend, but the entire frontend - from JS to HTML and CSS would be in your favorite language - Scala!

In this talk, we will use simple vanilla Scala to write a full-stack web application with the following highlights:

  1. ScalaJs + scalatags + scalacss for JavaScript, HTML and CSS

  2. The frontend will make Scala function calls e.g. which would be translated by the framework to AJAX calls to the backend. These calls would be statically typed i.e. it would be a compile error if frontend makes an API call that the backend does not support

Pathikrit Bhowmick

Pathikrit serves as the Director of Engineering at Coatue Management, a hedge-fund located in NYC. He has been a member of the Scala Platform Process and has been writing Scala for 5+ years. Pathikrit has authored some popularly used Scala libraries like better-files and metarest.

He has been a speaker at numerous Scala conferences including Scala Days and SBTB. Pathikrit is passionate about bringing functional programming paradigms to domains such as machine learning and databases.


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