Day 3 -

Sept 14th

Stage 1 (Rolling)

14:30 - 15:15

Batteries-included Scala with Scala Toolkit

Scala Toolkit is an initiative by Scala Center and VirtusLab designed to solve the problems that Scala developers often face.

Smoothing Scala’s learning curve, simplifying dependency management, and making one’s journey in the ecosystem easier are only some of its goals. However, defining simplicity is not as simple as one could think. Therefore, to achieve the goals, our team prepared a dedicated process based on the findings in cognitive science. As the end product, Scala Toolkit provides a set of battle-tested libraries that work well together, along with every integration and utility that can improve one’s experience. In this talk, I will show the Scala Toolkit in action and explain its design and processes behind it.

Szymon Rodziewicz


Szymon works at the Scala 3 Compiler Team at VirtusLab, Scala Center, and EPFL. He leads the Scala Toolkit project and regularly contributes to the Scala 3 compiler and Scala documentation. His interest lies in making programming languages accessible and comfortable to work with. The organizer of the Krakow Scala User Group.


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