Meet the Speaker, Michael Perucca

May 5th, 2023

Michael Perucca is a software engineer at Lucid Software interested in how programming techniques affect our ability to design correct programs.

At Scala Days Seattle he will be presenting the talk titled “Constraint Typing with Boolean Algebra,” an intermediate talk showing how Scala 3’s new features, such as union and match types, enable a composable constraint system supporting the full breadth of Boolean algebra.

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We asked Michael some questions about what he’s looking forward to and what you can take away from his presentation:

What are you most looking forward to at Scala Days this year?

The presentations! I love seeing new technologies solving real problems for real developers. I also enjoy chatting with brilliant minds in the Scala community.

What can attendees expect to learn during your talk session?

Modifying a value’s type, as is done in some refinement type libraries, isn’t the only approach to improving compile time safety.

You can find Michael at Scala Days Seattle and on GitHub.

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