Meet the Speaker, Matteo Di Pirro

Jun 13th, 2023

Fascinated by computer science since his childhood, Matteo is an enthusiastic software engineer who specialized in the theory of programming languages and type safety. Since the first time he learned about type systems, he has been applying them to craft safe- and secure-by-construction software.

At Kynetics he takes part in the design and development of embedded as well as distributed applications, aiming at implementing complex systems in a simple and maintainable way. He firmly believes that use cases strongly affect the architecture of the software. Hence, he enjoys learning and experimenting with new technologies and languages, looking for effective ways to employ them.

At Scala Days Madrid he will present the talk “Running Docker-Based Integration Tests in Scala: A Case Study.” In this talk, Matteo will compare two alternatives for running Docker-based integration tests in Scala: sbt-docker-compose and testcontainers-scala. He will share lessons learned from his experience using these tools for integration testing in production-ready Scala applications and discuss the trade-offs involved in choosing between sbt-docker-compose and testcontainers-scala. This presentation will provide you with valuable insights and practical tips to improve your testing workflow, regardless if you are a seasoned Scala developer or just getting started with integration testing in Docker.

We asked Matteo some questions about what he’s looking forward to and what you can take away from his presentation:

What are you most looking forward to at Scala Days this year?

At Scala Days, I’m looking forward to meeting other Scala enthusiasts and experts to discuss about Scala programming. I can’t wait to share my experience with other people and listen as they share their experience with me. Scala lets us design our code in a number of ways, and I’d love to see how fellow developers work. I feel Scala Days is the place to be for Scala practitioners and I look forward to being there this year.

What can attendees expect to learn during your talk session?

The main purpose of my talk is to share my experience about integration testing in Scala with Docker. Testing is such a complex matter and it can be overwhelming at first. With my talk, I want to discuss what I’ve observed and learned about testing Production-ready Scala applications using Docker containers. I want the Scala developers out there to get to know what choices they have when it comes to testing Scala applications together with Docker containers. I want them to see the good, the bad, and the ugly of the two alternatives I’ve tried out so far so that they can make an informed choice in their projects.

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You can find Matteo at Scala Days Madrid and on LinkedIn, and GitHub.

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