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Elliott Hall - All

Tuesday May 19th, 14:30-15:15

Why Scala needs Scala Native

About this Session

I have been following Scala Native since its introduction at Scala Days 2016 in NY. I have tried to contribute to every version since it became public.

This talk focuses on why we need Scala Native.

  • A brief history of Scala on the JVM to set the stage
  • The basics about how Scala Native works
  • Review of some of my contributions and focus on math libraries
  • Some other interesting work of others in areas I hadn't considered

My hope is that seeing the potential of Scala Native will generate excitement to use and contribute to Scala Native.


Eric K Richardson

Eric is a former US Air Force E-3 AWACS pilot. He started his new career using C and C++ and then switched to Java in 1996 and has built and maintained reporting systems and full stack applications. In 2011 he started learning Scala and helped build a Big Data reporting system using Scala and Spark. In the last few years he has been contributing to Scala Native and was crazy enough to port the `lightbend/config` library from Java to Scala to support `scalafmt` native.