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Elliott Hall - All

Wednesday May 20th, 10:15-11:00

Taste the difference with Scala 3: Migrating the ecosystem and more

About this Session

Scala 3, also known as Dotty, is the next version of the Scala programming language, bringing many new features, reducing boilerplate and removing warts.

In this talk, Jamie will show you work being done at the Scala Center to help the transition from Scala 2 to 3: how we are utilising the TASTy interchange format to bridge the gap between their two compilers to ensure binary compatibility under separate compilation; how you can gradually migrate your Scala 2 projects by depending on libraries that have already transitioned to Scala 3; and finally the steps you can take to migrate your own code to the new compiler.


Jamie Thompson

Jamie is a compiler hacker at the Scala Center with a focus on all things TASTy, creating a great story for the migration from Scala 2 to 3, and introducing new users to Scala from far and wide. In his free time he is wild about sound design, photo/video editing, cooking the ultimate curry, eating the ultimate curry, music and finding new ways to make art with software.