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Elliott Hall - Advanced

Tuesday May 19th, 10:15-11:00

Scala 3 macros

About this Session

Scala 3 will introduce a new macro system. This talk will be an overview of what is new, what was left behind and how to handled Scala 2 to Scala 3 macro migration.

New stuff:

  • Simpler and safer expression-based macros
  • New AST reflection API aligned with TASTy
  • Define macros in the project where they are used

Dropped stuff:

  • scala.reflect API
  • Annotation macros


  • Overview of current projects supporting new macros
  • Migration strategies


Nicolas Stucki

Ph.D. student at LAMP working on metaprogramming for Dotty. Have been involved with the LAMP and Scala/Scala.js/Dotty since 2013.