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Waterlink Atrium - Intermediate

Wednesday May 20th, 10:15-11:00

Scala 3 and Abstract Algebra

About this Session

Are you excited for Dotty/Scala 3? After this talk, you definitely will! We will walk through new features found in Dotty and relate them to different abstractions found today in the Typelevel/Cats library. In this talk, we'll walk the fine line between type theory, abstract algebra and functional programming to recognize the patterns that underlie almost all of our existing code today and tomorrow. We will talk about traversals using our favourite Traverse type class and see how they relate to folds and explore the beautiful correlations we can find when we explore the theory behind our everyday work.


Luka Jacobowitz

Luka Jacobowitz is a functional programmer based in New York, passionate about finding great abstractions to engineering problems. I'm also a maintainer of several typelevel projects, including various Cats libraries as well as OutWatch. I care deeply about equality and seek to make learning of pure functional programming as easy as possible.