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Wednesday May 20th, 11:30-12:15

Metals LSP Server - growing the community

About this Session

In this talk you can learn about all the new features and improvements for Metals that allow it to stand on its own as a fully fledged IDE. Topics like refactoring, worksheets and Scala 3 support will be discussed. A major part of the presentation will also show how Metals makes sure that Scala tooling is friendly to both newcomers and advanced users. Complex setup and tooling has always been a large obstacle in enlarging the community in the past but Metals tries to reduce that complexity and make Scala more approachable. We also want to show that advanced users can benefit from switching to Metals and using its features. If time allows, some different ways you can work with your code will be shown such as online IDEs, which further improve the possibilities to involve even larger groups of people from different backgrounds by dismissing the need for expensive hardware and special setup.


Tomasz Godzik

Tomasz is one of the main Metals maintainers and works in close cooperation with Scala Center to improve Metals so that it can become a valuable tool for the Scala community. Mainly a Scala developer with a tooling background, he sharpened his skills trying to improve tooling for one of the largest Scala codebases in the world.