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Waterlink Atrium - Intermediate

Tuesday May 19th, 16:30-17:15

Keeping Developer Productivity High: Building Scala with Bazel at Stripe

About this Session

At Stripe, we maintain a large monorepo for data infrastructure and workflows, consisting mostly of Scala. Editing, compiling, and testing in such a repo at scale is a nontrivial problem. We'd love to show you how we leverage the open source build tool Bazel to keep developer productivity high, as well as some of the other tooling we've created to help developers write high quality code.

In this talk, the audience should expect to learn about the strategies and approaches we've taken around working with and maintaining a large Scala codebase at a fast growing company.


Long Cao

I'm a remote software engineer based in Austin on the Scala team under Language and Runtime Tools at Stripe.

In my spare time, I like running, bouldering, reading, drinking coffee and whiskey, and baking sourdough bread.

Andy Scott

Coming soon.