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Waterlink Atrium - Intermediate

Wednesday May 20th, 12:30-13:15

Help, my Akka Cluster is broken!

About this Session

While Akka Cluster is designed to be fault-tolerant, there will be times when your environment just isn't working as expected. Whether it's a newly configured application not processing messages, or an outage in a high-load, mission-critical production environment, it's crucial to get up and running as quickly and safely as possible.

This session will discuss our experiences of how to most effectively collect and understand Akka Cluster diagnostics. We'll talk through using these diagnostics to work out what's gone wrong, and how to recover from a system outage. Using this new-found knowledge, you will be equipped to handle any problem your cluster throws at you.


Hungai Amuhinda

I am a Software Developer interested in Distributed Systems, Telemetry, Scala and Go. I specialise in helping enterprises understand the business advantages of cloud-native systems