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Olympic - Intermediate

Wednesday May 20th, 15:30-16:15

Great code reviews - the superpower your team needs

About this Session

There is general consensus on the fact that code reviews are an important step for a successful development workflow. Most organizations undergo code reviews of some form.

However, it's all too common to see reviewers that barely scratch the surface of the work being put forth, or that offer feedback that is unclear or hard to act upon. This robs the team from the opportunity to speed up learning, share knowledge and context, and from generally raising the quality bar on the software being built.

In this talk, I will share my story of encountering a new code review process when joining Shopify, and the surprising learnings I found - even as an experienced developer. I will discuss the tremendous gains individuals and teams can reap from a thoughtful, well structured review process. I will also share some practical techniques we use to help both the reviewers and the reviewees do a fantastic job at crafting solid deliverables.


Alejandro Lujan

I'm a Software Engineer and Trainer with a passion for building systems and products that help others in profound, meaningful ways. I'm currently having fun with Big Data at Shopify.

I also organize Scala Up North, the first and only Scala conference in Canada. I love teaching and spent a few years working with Lightbend on training others on how to use Scala, Akka and Play to write elegant, solid and maintainable code.