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Waterlink Atrium - Intermediate

Tuesday May 19th, 17:45-18:30

From Implicits to Givens

About this Session

The cloud environment opens new frontiers for optimizing Scala programs and minimizing computation costs. In this talk, we unveil new profiling and optimization techniques that rely on the cloud-native environment to find the most optimal and cost-effective executable for your application. We finish by demoing a Kubernetes operator that, behind the scenes, transforms a running Scala cloud-native application into its lean-and-mean counterpart.


Chris Phelps

Chris has been developing software on the JVM since the early days of the platform. He has been using Scala and functional programming techniques to develop scalable and performant distributed systems. In his current role, Chris uses Scala, Akka, and other cloud technologies to help Splunk “make on-call suck less”.