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Waterlink Atrium - All

Wednesday May 20th, 11:30-12:15

Executable Pseudocode: Making Scala Easy

About this Session

While languages like Scala, Haskell, Javascript, Java, FSharp, Clojure, and Python are on the surface very different, over time many of them are converging on a common style of defining programs. This style of “executable pseudocode” transcends language boundaries, and provides insights into how a software developer thinks and analyzes programs.

This talk will walk you through the common, shared style that permeates all these languages. We will see how many of the most popular open source libraries conform tightly to this style, and explore how you can use the machinery of the Scala language to make your library and application code intuitive to developers regardless of background.


Li Haoyi

Haoyi is a software engineer and author of many Scala open-source projects, such as Ammonite, Mill, FastParse, uPickle, and many more.