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Waterlink Atrium - Intermediate

Tuesday May 19th, 14:30-15:15

Data Science in Scala with ScalaPy

About this Session

Python is the dominant language for data science today with a plethora of machine learning and scientific computing libraries. Scala, on the other hand, is the dominant language for big data processing. What if we could bring these two worlds together?

ScalaPy enables Scala applications to use Python libraries with a seamless interop layer. With support for core Python features including native bindings, ScalaPy can be used anywhere from training neural networks on GPUs with TensorFlow to making astronomical calculations with Astropy. In addition, ScalaPy supports creating type definitions to enable type-safe interactions with Python libraries. In this talk, we'll explore how ScalaPy works and how it can be used in different applications. We'll also look at support in environments like Jupyter notebooks and ways to optimize interop performance.


Shadaj Laddad

Shadaj loves exploring the boundaries of programming, usually with Scala for its combination of functional and object-oriented concepts. He is currently a student at UC Berkeley studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He has interned at Facebook, Apollo / Meteor Development Group, Khan Academy, Coursera, and Paya Labs working with technologies such as GraphQL, React.js, Rust, and Scala.js to develop open-source libraries, educational platforms, and backend infrastructure. At Berkeley, he works on research enabling high-level programming languages and abstractions to produce efficient and safer code.

Shadaj hosts many open-source libraries and projects on GitHub, and has a channel on YouTube. He has presented a keynote at OSCON 2014 and at Scala Days (2012 - 2018), GraphQL Summit, Scale By the Bay, and various other technical conferences. In high school, he was the Co-President of Lynbrook Robotics, where he led a competitive robotics team of over 100 students. Shadaj loves spreading his love of technology and started TechTalks — a program that brings guest speakers to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with students at a local middle school. He also teaches programming to kids and other beginners through non-profit organizations. When not working on assignments or programming he plays the sitar, an Indian classical instrument and volunteers at a local non-profit music organization.