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Elliott Hall - All

Tuesday May 19th, 17:45-18:30

Composition with Functional Effects and Cloud Microservices

About this Session

A functional effect is just an immutable data structure that defines an effect, without actually executing it. Functional programs construct and compose these data structures together, i.e. your entire effectful microservice can be defined by a data structure which is translated, step-by-step, into the effectful operations in the microservice's main function. In this session, you will learn how to build, compose, and deploy such microservices using Mu and Cloud Run.


Oli Makhasoeva

Oli is a Scala Software Engineer specializing in developing high-load backend platforms. Recently, she shifted gears and joined 47 Degrees as a Solutions Architect where she is working on a variety of different projects focused on improving client experience with Scala and Functional Programming (FP). She is the founder of the popular FP Meetup, "Fun(c)" that draws tech experts from around the world for speaking engagements. She also hosts podcasts about Scala: @scala_love and @ScalalazPodcast