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Tuesday May 19th, 15:30-16:15

AirSpec: Writing Tests Without Learning Complex DSLs

About this Session

AirSpec is a new testing framework for Scala and Scala.js, which helps writing tests using a pure Scala syntax without introducing any complex DSLs; You can define your test cases using test(...) functions or public methods in a class extending AirSpec trait. For advanced users, AirSpec provides constructor and method argument injections via Airframe DI framework, which can be used to pass necessary objects (e.g., servers, clients, etc.) for running tests with a proper lifecycle management (e.g., automated setUp and tearDown for each dependency)

You will be surprised how AirSpec will simplify setting standards for writing tests in Scala; You and your team members don't need to learn complex DSLs. You also don't need to be a minimalist to use only assert functions. Enjoy writing tests in Scala with AirSpec!


Taro L. Saito

Taro L. Saito GitHub @xerial is a principal software engineer at Arm Treasure Data, Ph.D. of computer science at the University of Tokyo. He has built a cloud database service at Arm that are processing over millions of queries every day. Previously, he worked as an assistant professor at the University of Tokyo, studying distributed database systems and their applications to genome sciences. He also has developed several open-source projects for using Scala in both research and production. His OSS work includes Airframe, MessagePack, various sbt plugins (sbt-sonatype, sbt-pack) that help publishing thousands of OSS Scala projects.