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Auditorium A - Expert

Wednesday June 12th, 12:15-13:00

Why Netflix ❤'s Scala for Machine Learning

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About this Session

In this talk Aish and Jeremy will talk through what makes Scala a great platform for machine learning. They'll provide details on specific languages features and abstractions that enable large scale machine learning at Netflix, talk about features in Dotty that open up new possibilities, and finally provide a state-of-union for what's still missing and holding back adoption of Scala for this field.

Required Knowledge

Basic Scala, Basic machine learning.


Jeremy Smith

Jeremy is a senior software engineer in the Algorithms Engineering group at Netflix, where he works on building machine learning applications and libraries. As a longtime Scala enthusiast, Jeremy also works to evangelise functional programming techniques and type level approaches. He is active in the open source Scala community, and makes a regular hobby of asking and answering questions on Gitter, contributing to open source projects, and maintaining a few (with varying degrees of success).

Aish is a Research Manager at Netflix. He leads the machine learning research team there for recommender systems and search algorithms. Aish has over 22 years of experience at the intersection of mathematics and software engineering. Prior to Netflix, Aish headed data science at Opentable, Foodspotting, iVistra, and founded the company, vWork, solving large-scale optimization problems.