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Auditorium A - Foundations

Wednesday June 12th, 16:45-17:30

Serverless Scala - Functions as SuperDuperMicroServices

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About this Session

Serverless is all the rage but what does it mean for Scala developers? Can we take a plain ol' Scala function and run it on the cloud with infinite scalability? This talk will explore how to build and deploy serverless Scala and how to avoid startup overhead. We will use Google Cloud as a reference serverless implementation but the concepts are applicable with any provider.

Required Knowledge

Basic Scala.


Josh Suereth

Author of Scala In Depth. All around nerd. Father of two. A family man.

Donna Malayeri

Donna Malayeri is a product manager on the serverless products on the Google Cloud Platform. Prior to joining Google, she worked at the startup Pulumi, where she launched their first product. She's also worked at Microsoft on the Azure Functions developer experience. In a past life, was an academic, wrote papers on type theory, and worked at EPFL on the Scala team. However, her most popular papers remain those published in SigBovik.

James Ward

James Ward is a Developer Advocate for Google Cloud Platform. He tweets as @_JamesWard and blogs on