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1ABC - Foundations

Thursday June 13th, 16:45-17:30

ScalaWebTest - integration testing made easy

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About this Session

ScalaWebTests helps you to set up integration tests in no time and provides useful functions in order to reduce the effort needed to write integration tests for web applications.

I will give a short introduction on what an integration test is and why it is important. I will then show you how to use ScalaWebTest and why it makes your life easier.

Together we will add ScalaWebTest to a Play application and setup everything needed to write and execute integration tests. I will also cover topics like mocking of thirdparty systems and integration testing in the context of containerized application.

Required Knowledge

If you've ever written a web application and posses some basic Scala knowledge, you're prepared to follow this talk.


Dani Rey

Nowadays Daniel is mostly involved in service integration and web development on the JVM, but he has a strong background as database administrator. He currently works at Unic AG, located in Berne, Switzerland. He takes a huge interest in programming languages and persistence options. He is more opinionated in one area then the other, chat him up to find out which.