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2-3ABC - Expert

Wednesday June 12th, 16:45-17:30

ScalaJS and Typescript: an unlikely romance

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About this Session

Once upon a time, Scala and Typescript in the browser...

Come and hear a tale of romance against the odds. Journey past pitfalls and untyped horror towards a clear value proposition and the knowledge of where this approach fits in the front-end's wild west landscape.

Find out how these two languages fell in love while preserving type safety and algebraic data types, and what it took to resolve their differences around refined types and untagged unions.

Learn about ongoing conflict in the relationship and what not to talk about at the dinner table.

Required Knowledge

Familiarity with Scala and Javascript. Some knowledge of Typescript.


Jeremy Hughes

Senior Software Engineer @Lightbend. Typed functional programming enthusiast. Working on the front-end.