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1ABC - Foundations

Wednesday June 12th, 11:15-12:00

Scala First: Lessons from 3 student generations

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About this Session

Why did we introduce Scala as a first language for computer science and engineering students at Lund Univ.?
How did we deal with a very broad spectrum of pre-knowledge in programming?
How did we bootstrap our open source teaching resources?
What are the difficult trade-offs when designing a coherent progression in beginner programming in Scala?
How did we balance OO and FP in our teaching?
What are the benefits and pitfalls of Scala as a first language?
What did we learn after 3 generations of beginner students?
What is the road ahead for Scala at Lund University?

Required Knowledge

Basic Scala knowledge. Some interest and/or experience in teaching of introductory programming.


Björn Regnell

Bjorn Regnell is a professor in Software Engineering at LTH, Lund Univ., Sweden. He is currently teaching introductory programming using Scala for the Computer Science and Engineering MSc program students. He has been expert advisor for the Swedish National Agency for Education when introducing programming in schools in Sweden, and he has contributed to Kojo, an open source beginner-friendly Scala IDE, and introduced Kojo in experiments for school kids visiting the Science Center at LTH.