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Auditorium C - Foundations

Thursday June 13th, 10:15-11:00

Run Scala Faster with GraalVM on any Platform

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About this Session

Can we write a Scala program that runs on all mobile and embedded platforms? Can we use Scala to develop cross-platform user interfaces without writing platform-specific code?

Yes, and it will run fast. In this talk, we demo a nontrivial Scala GUI that runs on both iOS and Android via GraalVM. We explain how GraalVM runs Scala programs natively on different target platforms with better performance than the JVM. Then, we show how JavaFX allows us to develop consistent cross-platform user interfaces without writing platform-specific code and invite the community to join our effort towards the cross-platform Scala.


Vojin Jovanovic

Vojin believes that programs can be described in an abstract way and at the same time be executed as quickly as their manually optimized counterparts. To this end, he is working Oracle Labs to improve dynamic compilation in multilingual environments.

Before joining Oracle, Vojin received his Ph.D. in the Scala laboratory at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), where he developed a platform for simply adding domain-specific optimizations to existing Scala libraries.