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1ABC - Foundations

Wednesday June 12th, 12:15-13:00

Polymorphism in Scala

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About this Session

Polymorphism in computer science is an important concept for abstraction. In this talk we'll start by introducing three main types of polymorphism and their implementation in Scala. We'll delve into subtyping, parametric polymorphism and ad-hoc polymorphism and cover related concepts, such as type variance and context bounds. We'll compare subtyping and ad-hoc polymorphism (and type classes in particular) and discuss why the latter has become increasingly popular - especially in the community of FP-oriented programmers. The talk concludes with a preview of some of the new and exciting features planned for Dotty.

Required Knowledge

Basic knowledge of Scala syntax, implicits and OOP concepts.


Petra Bierleutgeb

Petra Bierleutgeb is a software engineer with a strong interest in FP and type-driven development. She greatly enjoys rock climbing and from time to time she writes blog posts and speaks at conferences.