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2-3ABC - Foundations

Wednesday June 12th, 15:30-16:15

Managing an Akka Cluster on Kubernetes

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About this Session

Akka Cluster is a powerful toolkit for building distributed applications. But as always, power comes with a price. Special care needs to be taken during bootstrapping, network partitions and gracefully stopping a cluster. In this talk, I'll introduce Akka Management and Akka Split Brain Resolver modules and show how they can help to manage an Akka Cluster in production. Join us when you want to know how a stateful application can handle rolling deployments without downtime and without losing in-flight requests and how it can safely recover from network partitions.

Required Knowledge

Basic knowledge about Akka Cluster, Kubernetes and distributed systems is useful but not required.


Markus Jura

Markus is the Scala Lead at MOIA. As a Scala enthusiast, his focus is to design and build distributed systems based on Akka. He is co-organizing the Scala and Reactive Systems user group in Hamburg and shares his knowledge regularly at conferences. Markus is also the co-founder and former CTO of Y-Combinator funded startup.