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Auditorium C - Foundations

Thursday June 13th, 15:45-16:30

Interactive Computing with Jupyter and Almond

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About this Session

Jupyter notebooks, interactive, web-based documents that integrate code with rich output and documentation, have become tremendously popular in data-science and other fields.

I'd like to convince you that Jupyter notebooks are a powerful tool for prototyping and teaching, useful to you even if you're not a data-scientist. You'll learn why notebooks combine many strengths of REPLs and worksheets, and how the almond project integrates Jupyter with Scala, Ammonite, Spark and more.

To illustrate these points and the interactive nature of Jupyter, the talk will be presented through running notebooks.

Required Knowledge

Basic Scala knowledge and experience using the REPL is beneficial to understand the examples but not required.


Sören Brunk

Sören is a software engineer at USU Software AG where he works on the Katana platform, helping companies to understand their industrial big data.

He's a contributor to almond and maintains the almond examples, a growing collection of Scala based Jupyter notebooks you can try in your browser. He also writes about machine Learning with Scala in Journals and on his blog.