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Auditorium A - Foundations

Wednesday June 12th, 14:30-15:15

Double your performance: Scala's missing optimizing compiler

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About this Session

The JVM runs impressively fast, and Scala has reasonable speed, but you still need to contort your Scala code to reach peak performance. Whether turning for-loops into while-loops, manually fusing map/filter/reduce, or replacing functions with macros, these changes are tedious and error-prone.

We present a new compiler that does this for you: taking high-level Scala and running it with optimal JVM performance. We explore how even high level concepts like monadic interpreters can be optimized into zero-cost abstractions, giving real-world speed-ups when applied to real-world applications.

Required Knowledge

  • Scala programming experience
  • JVM programming experience


Li Haoyi

Haoyi is a software engineer and author of many Scala open-source projects, such as Ammonite, Mill, FastParse, uPickle, and many more.