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Auditorium C - Expert

Wednesday June 12th, 10:15-11:00

Creating Native iOS and Android Apps in Scala without tears

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About this Session

A lot of the software products today consist of components that need to run on mobile devices. Although there are many frameworks allowing for the development of applications for Android and IOS, most of them use technologies that are far away from Scala. This talk is about a group of die - hard Scala enthusiasts who were determined to bring their favourite language from the server room to the mobile phones of people. The talk will introduce Scar - a framework that utilises scalajs and React Native to allow developers to write native mobile apps in Scala.

Required Knowledge

  • experience in Scala
  • understanding of mobile app developement concepts
  • familiarity with React Native is beneficial


Zahari Dichev

Zahari Dichev has worked as a trading systems developer in the City of London and a Scala consultant, helping companies with all-he-can Scala related. Nowadays he works at, helping companies abandon paper and digitize their business processes. Passionate advocate of mechanical sympathy and contributor the the Akka Affinity dispatcher, he is interested in sharing his knowledge and views on Scala, Akka, performance and the JVM.