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Auditorium C - Expert

Thursday June 13th, 16:45-17:30

All the fancy things flexible dependency management can do

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About this Session

We've all used dependency management from our build tools. Yet, it can also be useful in many other contexts.

In this talk, we'll review things dependency management can help you with outside of your build tool, like

  • mitigate dependency hell for your users or get you straight out of it
  • make your applications more dynamic than ever
  • help you package, distribute, fetch your applications or those of others
  • fetch, launch, and manage CLI utilities, full fledged or distributed applications

Required Knowledge

Having some experience writing Scala applications, in production or as an Open Source author.


Alexandre Archambault

I'm the author of coursier, and almond a.k.a. jupyter-scala. I've been using Scala professionally since 2013, mostly in adtech companies, and I'm now an engineer at the Scala Center.