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Empire Ballroom West - Expert

Thursday June 21st, 14:15-15:00

Unshaped Protos: Beyond Code Generation for Protocol Buffers

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About this Session

Protocol Buffers is a data serialization format and a message definition language. Traditionally, Protocol Buffers libraries take message definitions and generate source code for encoders and decoders for these messages.

In this talk, we will explore a different approach that is coming to ScalaPB that not only avoids code generation but also does not require the user to provide message definitions. Instead, the schema is automatically inferred from the user's domain model using shapeless and type-classes for encoders and decoders are derived by the compiler.



Nadav Samet

Nadav Samet is an ex-Googler and currently an Engineering Manager at Tubular Labs. He is the author of ScalaPB, a Protocol Buffers library for Scala, Scala.js and Scala Native. Scala has been his favorite programming language since 2011.