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Metropolitan Ballroom - Expert

Wednesday June 20th, 14:15-15:00

Teaching Scala to the Statically Challenged

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About this Session

There is a growing pool of potential Scala learners who know only Python, JavaScript, and/or Ruby, but they are too-often stymied by “introductory” resources that assume familiarity with Java or C. We must decouple Scala scholarship from legacy languages to benefit from this diverse group of talented and enthusiastic developers.

This talk is for experienced Scala coders who care about growing and diversifying our community. We will cover general guidelines for being a great teammate/mentor without committing too much of your own time and specific language features to emphasize or avoid.



Rebecca Ely

Ely is an engineer on the Spark platform team at Bloomberg and an enthusiastic member of the SF Scala community. Her 2015 transition into tech was preceded by work as a federal acquisition consultant, math and science teacher, and volunteer monkey bather. She still bathes the occasional monkey.