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Empire Ballroom East - Expert

Wednesday June 20th, 14:15-15:00

Succeeding with Full Stack Scala

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About this Session

Our startup helps students learn Indian Classical Music with a modern approach by offering tools such as a composition editor, music transcriber, and real-time pitch/beat accuracy feedback provider right in the web browser.

We love Scala and use it for backend and frontend development. However, it took quite an effort to keep the code simple, make development a joyful experience, and extract high performance. In this talk, we will explore the choices we made (and moved away from): frontend frameworks, client-server communication, use of WebAssembly for performance critical portions, and so on.



Ramnivas Laddad

Ramnivas is a technologist, author, and presenter who is currently building a full-stack Scala application to bring a modern approach to learning traditional Indian Classical Music. Ramnivas has been leading innovation in Spring Framework and Cloud Foundry since their beginning and is the author of AspectJ in Action (1st ed, 2nd ed), the best-selling book on aspect-oriented programming. He has at many leading industry events including JavaOne, ScalaDays, JavaPolis, SpringOne, and O'Reilly OSCON.