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Empire Ballroom West - Foundations

Wednesday June 20th, 17:30-18:15

ScalaQuest: The Scala Adventure

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About this Session

ScalaQuest is a fun, enticing game that will take you from Zero to Hero in your path to learning Scala. Battle Goblins, help Wizards and face all kinds of challenges to prove your worth. Start on the safe haven of plain harmless Classes and make your way to the treacherous Implicit Forests.

Our goal is to create one of the least painful ways to learn Scala.

In this talk, we will showcase our progress with ScalaQuest, with a focus on some of the challenges we've faced, such as compiling user-submitted code with Amazon Lambdas, keeping a snappy UI and crafting effective learning material.



Alejandro Lujan

I'm a Software Engineer and Trainer with a passion for building systems and products that help others in profound, meaningful ways. I'm currently having fun with Big Data at Shopify, and having a blast leading ScalaQuest, the game to learn Scala. I also organize Scala Up North, the first and only Scala conference in Canada. I love teaching and spent a few years working with Lightbend on training others on how to use Scala, Akka and Play to write elegant, solid and maintainable code.