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Empire Ballroom West - Foundations

Wednesday June 20th, 15:15-16:00

sbt 1

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"sbt (an interactive build tool for Java, Scala, and more) has finally reached 1.0! In this talk, we will first over the basics of how a build is organized using sbt. Next, we will talk about the development process, new features (such as Zinc 1, sbt server, unified slash syntax), and the migration from sbt 0.13."



Eugene Yokota

Eugene (@eed3si9n) is a Tech Lead of Tooling team at Lightbend, and is a maintainer of sbt since 0.13.5. His passions are diners in NJ, Döner kebab in Berlin, and functional programming.

Dale Wijnand

Dale Wijnand I'm an active OSS contributor, typically in Scala, and an sbt maintainer. Interested in functional programming, software tooling, and API and library design. I work on sbt in the Tooling Team at Lightbend, with Eugene Yokota.