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Metropolitan Ballroom - Foundations

Thursday June 21st, 10:15-11:00

Compiling Scala Faster with GraalVM

About this Session

Scala's features such as higher-order functions and implicit conversions encourage writing concise and readable programs. These features, however, introduce many indirections and come with a hidden cost: if not removed by the compiler they can cause severe performance hits.

In this talk, we present GraalVM: a high-performance polyglot VM whose unique JIT compiler greatly improves the performance of Scala programs. We demo how GraalVM can increase the productivity of the Scala community: With GraalVM the Scala compiler is more than 1.3x faster and the compiler native image requires no warmup.



Christian Wimmer

Christian Wimmer is a researcher at Oracle Labs, working on the Graal compiler, the Truffle dynamic language infrastructure, the Maxine VM, as well as on other projects that involve dynamic compilation and optimizations. His research interests span from compilers, virtual machines, and secure systems to component-based software architectures.