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Empire Ballroom East - Foundations

Wednesday June 20th, 11:30-12:15

ArrayDeques and How to Contribute to Scala 2.13 Collections

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About this Session

In this talk, we will introduce a new data structure, mutable.ArrayDeque, that outperforms most current mutable Scala collections like Lists, Buffers, Stacks and Queues. We will also go over implementation details needed for this to be part of the new Scala 2.13 collections library. We will then encourage the audience to contribute other useful data structures like Ropes, Zippers, Disjoint Sets etc. to Scala.



Pathikrit Bhowmick

Pathikrit serves as the Director of Engineering at Coatue Management, a hedge-fund located in NYC. He has been a member of the Scala Platform Process and has been writing Scala for 5+ years. Pathikrit has authored some popularly used Scala libraries like better-files and metarest. He is also the author of ArrayDeques in Scala 2.13. Pathikrit is passionate about bringing functional programming paradigms to domains such as machine learning and databases.