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Hall 6 - Foundations

Wednesday May 16th, 15:30-16:15

Type safety in the world of graph databases

About this Session

This session will provide a brief introduction to graph databases, a fundamentally simple database model.

We'll go through some use cases and also point out when you should rather stick to tables. I'll explain how you can use graph databases in Scala, and then lead on to Gremlin-Scala (343 github stars), which provides a type safe DSL to access a variety of graph databases. It is the official Scala wrapper for Apache Tinkerpop 3, which aims to be the SQL of the graph database world. Gremlin-Scala makes use of Scala's advanced type system to help the user write type safe graph traversals.

Required knowledge

Basic Scala knowledge required.

Advanced type system and shapeless experience beneficial.

Learning objectives

Put graph databases on the audience's radar, demonstrate how Scala's type system helps to solve real world problems.


Michael Pollmeier

Michael is the author of Gremlin-Scala, scalameta-serializer, ShiftLeft TinkerGraph and contributed to a large number of open source projects. He works at ShiftLeft which is using graph databases to find security vulnerabilities during static code analysis. Michael is a regular speaker at conferences and meetups, most notably ScalaDays 2017, and various talks and hacking sessions at Scala Downunder 2014 and 2015, with a bias towards database and type safety.