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Hall 10 - Expert

Wednesday May 16th, 12:30-13:15

Leveraging Spire for complex time allocation logic

About this Session

Spire is a great toolkit of mathematical abstractions and algorithms. Despite mathematical "focus", many instruments in Spire are defined in an abstract, composable way. This allows to leverage the power of spire for tasks, that don't look like mathematical at first glance.

In this talk we'll explore how Spire can help with solving various time resource allocation tasks.

Required knowledge

  • Type classes
  • Basic interval arithmetics

Learning objectives

  • Get familiar with Intervaland IntervalSeqabstractions from Spire.
  • Learn, how to plug in your own data types to leverage the power of Interval algebra.
  • See how Interval algebra for time values helps in solving real world time resource allocation tasks.


Vladimir Pavkin

I'm a Scala developer from Evolution Gaming. At Evolution Gaming my team is developing a very complex employee scheduling application. It involves checking various time period constraints and solving time resource allocation problems.