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Hall 10 - Expert

Thursday May 17th, 10:15-11:00

Integrating IDEs with Dotty, the experimental Scala compiler

About this Session

A great programming language should provide a great developer experience! This is why Dotty comes built-in with IDE support that is designed to be easy to use, robust and extensible. In this talk I'll describe the technologies used to implement this. I will also describe some of the planned future improvements: ultimately, we would like the compiler to become much better at helping you write correct programs instead of just complaining when you make mistakes.

Required knowledge

Basic knowledge of Scala. Some knowledge of how compilers work is a plus but not required, all the needed concepts will be explained.

Learning objectives

In this presentation, you will learn the state of IDE support in Dotty, the planned future enhancements, and the underlying technologies used to implement it like the Language Server Protocol and the TASTY serialization format.


Guillaume Martres

PhD student at EPFL working on Dotty, the new Scala compiler (