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Hall 10 - Foundations

Wednesday May 16th, 17:45-18:30

Fork It Harder Make It Better

About this Session

The case for forking the Scala development toolchain - and the case against it. Scala has the reputation of being hard to write tooling for, yet it is a vital part of the development experience. I want to present an overview of existing tools from writing code to building, testing and deploying it, how they are lacking, where better solutions exist outside of Scala Land and how we can improve it.

Required knowledge

To best relate to the talk, you should have used several parts of the Scala toolchain, such as IDE, build tool, CI server, etc.

Learning objectives

get an overview of state of scala tooling where better solutions exist outside of scala land what things could be improved on now how you can help!


Justin Kaeser

Justin believes in "Tools before Rules": automating the development toolchain to remove the pain of dealing with institutional processes. At day he works on this goal as part of the IntelliJ Scala plugin team. At night he goofs off.